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CASA approved and licensed drone operation, cert.# CASA.UOC.0116. Air frequency radio license approval and night operation instrument. $20million public liability insurance coverage.


Our certified safety management system allows us to integrate smoothly and safely to your sites, providing inductions and working with your team to ensure the highest standard possible.


We use industry leading technology, tested to work in the toughest conditions, with a proven record of delivering repeatable accurate data and spectacular visual media.


We have a truly top class crew of internationally respected experts in all fields from cinema to industrial applications with years of experience who understand how to deliver. 



FLYFILM specialise in drone cinematography & aerial photography operations for TV, feature film, property & development and corporate productions. Our industrial operations team are highly skilled in drone survey, mapping, inspections as well as environmental and agricultural applications.

We have a network of operators across Australia including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

Our team has an incredible wealth of collective experience in the advertising, commercial, construction, survey and motion picture industries. This experience means we can deliver the beautifully crafted shots and repeatable useful data you need and we understand the skill in achieving that.





FLYFILM is a CASA certified drone operator specialising in drone cinematography and aerial photography as well as industrial applications.


FLYFILM is a fully CASA Certified and insured drone operator working in the photo, cine and industrial fields across Australia. We have an award winning, highly skilled and experienced team.

We have the creative eye and technical ability to make sure we achieve the best possible result for your next video or photographic campaign every time we fly. Our industrial team has the experience and knowledge to understand how to deliver the fastest most accurate data for your project in the most effective method possible, meaning a better return on investment for you.

From full production video and stills campaigns to mapping, inspection and survey, our team has you covered. We are always happy to talk through your projects so we can provide you with exactly what you want. Always happy to show how good or service and deliverables are we are more than happy to come out to you obligation free so we can sit down and show you our tech and how we can work with your team and get the job done.

Our drone systems, cameras, stabilisation packages and survey equipment is come of the most technically advanced and up to date currently available on the market. Not only that, but we always test everything to ensure the highest level of safety and reliability achievable.

Dont hesitate to get in touch.

Aerial photography by CASA certified Drone Operator FLYFILM, Sunshine Coast, Australia. © FLYFILM

Aerial photography by CASA certified Drone Operator FLYFILM, Sunshine Coast, Australia. © FLYFILM

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