FLYFILM specialise in aerial cinematography and photography, our team is experienced and our drone equipment is industry leading.


Freefly Systems ALTA: This is our favourite piece of drone equipment and is our main cinematography drone. Its capable of lifting payloads of 6.8kg, which includes packages like the MôVI M10 paired with a RED or Arri Mini. This systems allows us to use a selection of lens options also. The ALTA also allows us to utilise the “skyview” mount option, in which we can fly with cameras mounted on the top of the drone also.



DJI Inspire 2: This quadcopter is the best on the market, 5.2K RAW and ProRes video options and 20MP stills with a range of lens options. Ready to fly in 5 minutes with enough batteries to fly all day. Dual transmitters for operating as a 2 person team, a dedicated pilot and dedicated camera operator. This camera grades really nicely with high end cinema cameras like RED.




  • DJI X5s





  • Freefly Systems MôVI gimbal systems on all of our drones, guaranteeing stable, level and smooth footage in all conditions. These gimbals can also be utilised in ground and vehicles stabilisation situations.
  • Connex Amimon Our DOP (& client creatives) view what we are capturing with zero latency, HD real time via our Connex Amimon system. This is transmitted to a selection of monitors we have in-house, and can also connect to almost any monitoring system your production is using.
  • BlackMagic Designs Video Assist is one of the monitors we use, allowing us to view exactly what we are capturing in FullHD, it also has the ability to record ProRes.
  • Freefly Systems MIMIC is a new system in which almost anyone can control the gimbal in a free and completely intuitive way.
  • Tattu LiPo Batteries we choose to use only the best batteries available on the market today.