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We are now flying the Freefly Alta after taking delivery almost two weeks ago now, the hexacopter has performed incredibly well. With almost 7kg of lifting capability we are now excited to offer high end cinema grade UAV operations with the ability to fly RED epic/weapon/scarlet as well as ARRI mini amongst other industry leading cameras.

With flight times up to 20 minutes the Freefly Alta really sets the standard as far as professional grade UAV systems. The Alta folds into such a small case, which makes it a dream to transport, especially navigating busy airports.

The Freefly Alta has bulletproof construction and is beautifully crafted, the synapse flight controller seems to work incredibly well too. One feature that is really great is the ability to control the LED colour and brightness. It also has 2 receivers and 2 batteries, so it is really covered on the redundancy checklist too, which is always a positive.

We have been using our MôVI M5 & M10 and have the ability to fly with cameras mounted not only underneath the drone but now also on top, unleashing even more possibilities and potential new angles.

Currently we have been flying with the Tattu 10,000mah 22.2v lithium polymer batteries which have worked well.


FLYFILM Freefly ALTA capable of lifting payloads of up to 6.8KG.

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