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Top 20 Drone Companies of 2016

top 20 drone company 2016

So the numbers are in and here are the results for the Top 20 Drone Companies of 2016 Q1. Looks like DJI has missed out on the number 1 position which I thought was surprising, instead French company Parrot took the centre podium. A reasonably unknown, in Australia anyway came in at number 3, Ehang, thanks to the success of the GhostDrone, and may be better known for their insane person carrying drone the Ehang 184.

A lot of appearances from companies producing drones and software for the survey and industry areas, with the likes of SABRE, Pix4D and Sensefly all on the list.

The biggest surprise for me was Hexo+, a kickstarter drone, promising autonomous follow me for extreme sports and the like. The most surprising part of this, was it is one of the only kickstarter drones that actually made it to market and obviously doing very well.

FLYFILM missed out on the list, maybe next year.

top 20 drone company 2016

top 20 drone company 2016

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