Tourism Drone Cinematography BTS

Two weeks ago we headed to Nauru to shoot aerials as part of a 6 island Nauru Airlines TVC campaign being produced Wallis Media. As usual it was a late night packing and an early flight, the good people at Nauru Airlines looked after us and we enjoyed the extra room in business class for the 4 hour flight. So the Nauru International Airport isn’t a big airport, but its definitely got tonnes of character, which includes stopping local traffic around the runway to allow us to land.

The setup we used on this shoot was our custom DJI S1000 octocopter paired with Freefly Systems MôVI M5 gimbal and Panasonic GH4 4K camera. The Connex Amimon HD downlink allowed us to see what we were capturing without any delay and in real time on the Black Magic Designs Video Assist making sure we got the shots as they happened.  I was a little worried about the heat being a problem with at least one of the components in the setup, but everything pulled through perfectly without issue.

We were lucky enough to shoot with some of the locals in traditional dress, as well as them showing us some other traditional aspects to the culture, which was great to be part of. The weather was kind the rain stayed away, but the humidity was pretty hard to deal with standing in the sun in the middle of the day, but we managed and got some incredible shots.

The shots we captured we really nice and I am very excited to see them in the finished product, which will hopefully be out soon, which Ill post for sure. Here are a few of the  behind the scenes shots that were captured throughout the 3 days.


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